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vriska-flarping-serket: "Oh, you're 8ack."

"You say that like I left in the first place, Ms. Serket."

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She rolls her eyes when he doesnt respond assuming, incorrectly, that he has lifted the swearing ban. As they continue down the hall she pokes her head in and out of doors. 

"Im half surpised theres not a room full of puppets.." 

The hallway has seemingly no end and all the doors look the same all she wants is a hint at whats behind one of the doors. 

Unfortunate for her, he’d give away, knowing that if she chose to pursue the ‘lapse’ in authority towards previously set rules, he would intervene and, most likely, kick her from his abode.

Be it literally or figuratively, it made no difference.

"Oh, there is. Most of which aren’t of my design, unfortunately, but rather a colleague."

Ideas of a monologue driven speech to explain in greater depth were held close for but the quickest of seconds, before thrown away at knowing she would find it incredibly boring.

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She is starting to get really fucking annoyed but that only makes her more curious. Like an Angry Alice in wonderland, with a potentially very very deadly white rabbit. 

That’s a disturbingly accurate metaphor. 

"No but it amuses to me try and fuck with you” She knows that he told her to watch her langue but she doesn’t care. She’s curious and annoyed and she strides out of the room and down the hall with a flutter of her cape.

Of which the rabbit has complete control over the wonderland of his own design, deeming it either important or needed to correct the path of Alice as he saw fit.

Most of which paths she would dislike, but that was not his concern.

"…." Uneasy silence fostered itself from his perspective as she blatantly disregarded a rule he had set before her, a quick thought of how the annoyances of children were hardly worth his time being made before repressing it. All she was doing was mounting an offense against him that held no weight, no bearing, and provided him reasoning to strike back at a later time.

Languid steps followed after her in detrimental care to her destination, decisions of taking silence as his companion being made.

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You watch the ball arch gently towards him, mostly your watching him. Looking for any reaction anything that would indicate hes gonna do is fast move bullshit again. 

When the ball harmlessly bounces off his chest, you groan internally.  Fucking hell, fuck this fucker. You nod when he holds up the red ball. “yeah yeah red doesn’t even make you fuckin blink” 

You glance at the very expensive rum before sighing and heading back to the door.

Amusing, to him at least, how she believed something as simple as a billiard ball would have the properties derived from a singular color would be enough to dethrone him from the power that was ingrained in his soul.

He almost wished to laugh, but that wouldn’t be very nice to do in that moment.

"Hmm hmm. Even if it did, Ms. Lalonde, do you believe I would openly show such a movement?" Especially someone who obviously desired to know his weakness.

As she moved to the door, he took the needed step to bring himself to the table and deposit the crimson ball within a low pocket, before turning and following after her.

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You hum and open the door. A pool table and a bar. A bar. Holy fuck. You make a bee line for the green bar. 

"you can handle your home bein made fun of counts as a sense of humor."  You investigate the booze supply as you chat.  "So children are out, I’m thinking the color red is still on the table."  You head over to the pool table, looking for the solid red ball. When you find it your chuck it at him gently. 

All manners of liquor held behind and within counters of polished cedar, painted green of course, running the gamut of what any self-respecting bartender would deem required to hold a steady choice selection.

"I personally see no reason to count it as such, for it seems, to me, as nothing more then a singular facet of self-incrimination." Again, it seemed far too likened to a somewhat hurtful kink of one to take amusement out of vague insults. Watching impassively as she began to test the theory of color being used as a viable weakness, he cared little for the diluted impact of resin painted-red against his chest, low sounds of an impact against bone reverberating around the open air, slowing to nothingness as he leaned over and plucked the offending object between thumb and forefinger, straightening up and making a show of not being harmed at all.

"Does that answer your question, Ms. Lalonde?"

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"You laughed" You spin on your heel and point at him. "Thus i have deduced that you do indeed have a sense of humor" You walk down the hallway backward stroking a fake goatee like a dumb detective.  "Therefore the laughter of small children is not your weakness" You spin on your heel again to walk like a normal person.  

You rest your hand on a door nob. “If i open this will somethin nasty bite my head off”

An eyebrow rose slightly at her quick intake of a variable anomaly of actions and placing them within the wrong denomination of reasoning. "Do I, though? Or do I simply take light pattering of joy out of slightly teasing comments to my ability to decorate?" For that, to him, was quite different to having a sense of humor.

"Ah, you are correct."

A tilt of his head gave way into a quick thought of what actually was behind this door, memory offering him the note of a pool-table and bar settled behind the oaken barrier. "No."

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You step through door first and move partway down the hall to the first fork.  ”So which way..Endless green hallway number 1, Endless Green hallway number 2, or Long Jade hallway?”  

You look over your shoulder with your brows raised. Maybe you’ll find some hint of his weakness in these walls. He said he had one and anyone with a weakness wants to make sure they know what it is and wear it is.  Hence why you keep a close eye on all your friends.

Following after her with lightened strides, gloved digits retook their place behind his back in an act of complacence,  a low laugh escaping him at the jab made towards his decision over interior decorating.

"Perhaps the Jade hallway will provide more intriguing options, if that is what you desire." Both would come about to circle around in the most roundabout fashions sometime later in the continued anomaly that was his home.

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You smile and rock up on the balls of your feet. “well then lets go!” You quickly chug the last bit of your coffee before moving towards him. You were going to tug his hand and head to the door but you pull your hand back to your side and smile slightly. 

"so were to first? do you have a game room? or like a room full of tv’s? "

He would be rather miffed at her sudden disregard of etiquette had it not been for the fact that many cultures saw the quickened act of drinking/eating food as a sign of respect and great likeness towards the object in question.

And while he never believed in the philosophy personally, her admiration towards the subject was seen as nothing less then gratifying.

"You mistake me for someone who has a need for such rooms. Though, at the behest of those that serve under me, I have installed such places."

A hand raised and motioned for her to continue towards the door first, politeness saying it should be so.

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"So.. you’d be willin to show me around? cause this place is interestin. Well anywhere that isn’t my house is interestin"  You sip your coffee, oh god thats good. You tip the coffee further, drinking it faster. You hum an set the cup down, using the back of your hand to wipe away any spare drops.

More importantly you want to stay because he is interesting. He’s new and different and not a human or a troll. 

"For a shortened amount of time, I see no reason to deny you the obvious intrigue that has taken root inside your mind." Otherwise she might be inclined to try and sneak in at a later date to sate her curiosity in a much more…dangerous way, as that without a Guardian to accompany her.

Also one who was able to incite obvious annoyance in her, but then again, most beings that tended to stray around him knew of that feature.

And they always came back.

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"…Mr. Vantas, I implore you to rethink the acceptability of approaching the most asexual master within the history of its conception with a question such as that.”



"…Good day, Mr. Vantas."

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